In Loving Memory of Seamus


SEAMUS 2007 – 2013

We fell in love with Seamus our big blue boy in 2007, he was partially sighted when we adopted him and six months later he developed Epilepsy. He was on medication from then on, he had regular fits but he recovered well. Then two years ago he fell while running in the park and broke both his front legs, they managed to save one leg but the other leg was shattered. Our vets were brilliant and they operated on his leg and put a plate in it. Seamus almost died on the operating table but he battled through it and we brought him home. We had to sleep with him for weeks and then suddenly he looked awful, he was swollen and unwell and he had to go back to the vets, they discovered he had developed DIC which kills most dogs, but he battled through and came home again. We thought all was well after that but he started having a cluster of fits and we again thought we would lose our boy but he won the fight again. He finally became ill again in 2013 and his liver was failing and all we could do was let him go peacefully, this was a battle he could not win.

We miss our beautiful boy so much and he was so brave, we will never forget him and we can only take comfort in that we loved him and did all we could for him, but he has left a massive hole in our hearts and lives that will never be filled. Run free at the Bridge beautiful boy.

Jackie & Trevor Hays