We need a home: Breac & Driocht

HUG is committed to all dogs it re-homes for their entire lives. Fortunately it does not occur very often but regrettably we now have one such situation. Breac and Driocht were homed a few years ago but their owner now has to emigrate and is not in a position to take the dogs with them. The owner is heartbroken at having to give the dogs up but knows that this is the best option for them in the current circumstances. Breac, which means spotted trout in Irish, is an eight year old male brindle and Driocht, which means magic, is a seven year old fawn lady. Here’s what their owner has to say about the pair. “Breach came to me from H.U.G when he was 18 months old. He’s very grounded, not spooked by anything. He is the most easy going, laid back dog you’ll ever meet… Never complains.. A very quiet dog, makes a fuss when you come home then goes back to bed… LOVES his bed…. Very affectionate and will put his head on your lap for rubs. Loves to be out and about either on or off the lead. Walks beautifully on a lead. Is quite obedient off lead but his recall is not great. He gets a little excited when he sees another dog but all he wants to do is say Hi and have a play… No problem with other dogs big or small. Is quite partial to his treats and can be quite cheeky on occasion if food is left on the kitchen counter (once stole a stick of butter) and can be quite inquisitive when you’re cooking. But if he’s told off he’ll go back to bed. He’s not a fan of getting wet and sometimes needs a bit of a push to get him to go out and pee if it’s raining… His Tail never stops wagging… He’ll quite happily curl up on the sofa with you if he’s allowed…

Driocht came to me direct from Trainer who was going to put her down as she was too nervous & timid for the track. She is quite fast… Walks Beautifully on a lead but likes to be close… She is still quite nervy and can be spooked fairly easily… loud noises, plastic bag blowing in the wind… But some quiet reassuring words and she soon calms down. She has come a long way but still needs some patience at times and lots of Love. She just needs some time to be herself and see her character come out. She is a sweet and lovely dog. And has only just discovered all the rubs she gets if she lies on the sofa with you. couldn’t get her to get up on it…Like I said In Her own time.She is very obedient on or off the lead and will come back if called. Loves her rubs and cuddles and has learned from Breac to put her head on your lap for rubs. She really is a lovely affectionate dog and is always smiling as only a greyhound can. Gets on well with other dogs

I walk both Greys and they are both very well behaved… Don’t pull and only need slight corrections. Driocht likes to be close though, likes to be beside you with Breac on the outside.

We would love to home these dogs together so if you feel your home and your heart is big enough for these lovely dogs please get in touch.