I need a home: Gromit

Gromit is a lurcher (deerhound/greyhound, almost 2 years old) who is looking for a new home preferably with another dog for company and cuddles.  He loves big dogs but they must be able to play chase although actually Gromit doesn’t like being “on” – he prefers to be the one being chased!!  He has had bad experiences with small dogs and is rightfully wary/scared of them but once properly introduced, he’s fine.  At the moment Gromit sleeps on our bed at night and considering the price of electricity, he is quite economical to run as a bed warmer!  He has taken control of our sofa but as long as he is comfy, he will snooze anywhere.  He is great in the car and will happily spend up to three hours on his back, legs in the air snoozing on the rear seat.  Even though he has had plenty of exposure to town life, he definitely prefers the countryside.  He walks beautifully on the lead and has perfect recall on free runs where he would rather give up any chase to stay close.  Sometimes he will chase the odd rabbit but I’m not sure he would know what to do with one if he did catch up.  He loves to chase birds but has yet to be successful!  Gromit lives with cats and he just wants to be their friend.  While he will chase if they run, he is only playing and would never hurt anything.  Gromit is neutered, up-to-date on vaccs and wormed.  He is house-trained and does not chew or counter-surf but he does have the ability to hear you slice cheese from another county!  Gromit has always struggled with separation anxiety – yet he is fine with the company of other dogs.  He prefers a quiet, calm environment with adults and older teenagers.  He has a beautiful, gentle, super-sensitive nature and because he is very submissive to other dogs, he would love a gentle, more confident companion.  Like all lurchers, Gromit needs a secure garden.

If you are interested in adopting Gromit, please fill in our online application form or email info@homesforunwantedgreyhounds.ie