I need a home: Dawn

The lovely girl Dawn has just arrived to us from her trainer after she broke her leg approximately one month ago. We were immediately concerned about the state of her leg as it has not healed at the correct angle and she cannot bear weight on it. After consultation with our vet, we will need to have her leg reset by a specialist so that it can begin to heal properly. The leg appears to have received little medical attention since the injury, causing it to heal at a strange angle, as can be seen in the photos.

Despite her injury, Dawn is a friendly, happy girl with a waggy tail for greetings, and at under two years of age, she should make a lovely family companion once her leg has healed.

The estimated cost of the specialist veterinary treatment is going to be in the region €600 and she will need to remain in HUG’s care for around three months while she heals. Any donations towards her medical bills would be much appreciated as we were not anticipating the extent of her injuries and the care she will require during recovery.

If you would be interested in adopting Dawn once she has recovered from her injury, please fill out our online application form.