I need a home: Jojo

Hello my name is Jojo and I will be 2 years old on the 22nd of April. I have no race name as I have never raced and here is where I will tell you all why…..Are you sitting comfortably….?

I suffered a spinal injury whilst I was galloping with my friends in the paddock. My owner and a team of vets worked very hard to get me back up on my feet and it has taken a short while to do this. I spent three weeks laying flat as I was unable to move. Slowly and surely I have gained the full use of my body again and my injury has no effect on my daily jaunts with my pals.

Whoever would like my heart and love will be getting a very loving and affectionate little girl who is shy when I first meet you, but I cannot contain my enthusiasm to greet you for long and with a big waggy tail and smiles, come and say hello.

I am currently with my owner and I am now ready to take my journey further to my forever home.

Could you be the ones to find me…..?

If you would like to adopt or foster Jojo then please do get in touch with us here at HUG by completing our online adoption form