Our Mission

The Mission

  • To be a centre of excellence in promoting the care and well-being of greyhounds in Ireland, and beyond
  • To improve the care and conditions in which many greyhounds in Ireland are kept and to enhance their status as companion animals
  • To work towards a time when no greyhound in Ireland is destroyed for the lack of a home

The Plan
We aim to achieve our goals in the following ways:

  1. The continuation and development of our work as a greyhound rescue and re-homing programme
  2. An Education Centre which will focus on general dog welfare issues, the promotion of greyhounds as pets and the promotion of spaying/neutering.  The education centre will provide talks, seminars, workshops, school visits, informative literature, etc.
  3. An Activity Centre which will promote the idea of people having fun with their dogs!

Our Activity Centre will provide:

~ Agility Classes – agility being a fun activity for all kinds of dogs and people of all ages and all levels of ability. We cannot promise that your dog will become a World Agility Champion but we do believe that he or she will have fun. And so will you! And have you ever seen a greyhound scale an A-frame? Well, now is your chance!

~ Training Classes – a well trained dog is a happy and socially acceptable dog. We do not aim to teach high level obedience, but to teach dogs basic skills which will help to increase their status as good companions. This will operate in a similar way to the Kennel Clubs Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

~ Best Friends Dog Club –  A club for children, and their dogs, of course! We will provide agility and training classes, workshops, competitions, fun dog shows, dog camps (fun activity weeks), and similar related activities.

~ Activity Weeks – We will source local dog-friendly accommodation so folk can come on dog holidays to Kerry and participate for a week in what the centre has to offer.

~ Community Projects – We plan to get some Kerry dogs, including, of course, some greyhounds, qualified as PAT (Pets As Therapy) dogs and visit such establishments as homes for the elderly and disabled. This will help those being visited by our therapy hounds and will promote the positive profile of dogs as good companions, and in so doing to raise their status in the community.

~ Grooming and Complementary Therapy

4) A Merchandising Outlet – otherwise known as a shop! All dog-related goodies will be available, such as greyhound and whippet clothing and accessories, with an emphasis on rescue organisations’ merchandise, dog health care products, “Jump For Joy” own brand clothing and accessories, special interest items such as other breed rescue products/clothing, dog stationery, mugs, books, and craft/artwork with a dog or nature theme.

An ambitious project?

Oh yes.

Are we going to achieve it?


And how?

With your help!!!!

A project such as this can only succeed with enough resources to both get it up and running, and to sustain itself – in terms of finance, of course, but also in terms of energy, time, skills, etc. In short – person-power!

How can you contribute?

There are lots of ways!

You could give us financial assistance

You might be a dog trainer or groomer who would like to contribute some of your time

You might be an expert publicity person

The list is endless really, and if you have any relevant skills, and most importantly of all, passion and enthusiasm for this project, then we’d love to hear from you!

Please contact any of the Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds team, we look forward to hearing from you! The dogs of Kerry need you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Best wishes,

Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds.